Friday, August 3, 2007

Shoulder Bag from Recycled Jeans

Many times we never feel like throwing away good Jeans or pants, T-shirt etc. The material will be so good, but it would have become small in size. Dont worry, here is a way to reuse those scraps, if you have a knack for stitching.

Things required:
Used Jeans or thick Pant material
contrast colored Fabric strips for edging

Take a long rectangular piece of cloth cut from the Jeans. Length = twice the height of the bag required. Width = width of the bag

Cut strips of cloth 2" width and height of Bag. Fold the Rectangular piece and join the sides with the 2" strips. This will give a depth for the bag to put thick books etc.

Cut long strip of cloth, 4" in width, length enough for the shoulder strap. Fold length wise and join. Pull it inside out. Join the ends to the 2" sides of the bag.

Cut a piece of cloth for the overlapping flap. Stitch the floral edging. Join to the back piece of the bag. Attach velcrove to the flap and the top. Alternatively, a zip can be attached to the top. The bag is ready to use.!

I have used the pocket piece from the Jeans as such, but decorated with a floral edging.I have stitched a patch in the front flap, the picture taken from a used T-shirt!!

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