Friday, June 13, 2008

Kids Photo Album

Materials required

Drawing book with thick sheets
Colour pencils,crayons
Water colours, sketch pens etc
glitter pens, sequins, vegetable cuttings leaves etc!!!

This art work is for the children to make their own photo albums. It is a very good pass time in the vaccation,during nights when they get bored etc. Each type is a simple art of painting. Even they can gift it to their friends.

Each sheet of the books is coloured with different randoms designs. Tell them the technique of shading using pastel colours, using the colour combinations etc. They will do wonders.
Borders can be given by free drawing or even using different shaped stencils! The center of the sheet (see as in the pics given) is used for sticking the photos or pictures.

For a more interesting one, for each sheet let them try different technique, material etc. Use whatever material crosses your mind and give the children the idea!. Even our normal school ink could do the trick beautifully. See the last two pictures given for a different page using cut vegetables as stencils and leaves. Vegetables like ladysfinger, potato, capsicum etc can be easily used.
Let the children enjoy doing painting and art. You enjoy by involving yourselves and guiding them.