Thursday, October 25, 2007

Making Ginger-bread-men

Paper cutting can be fun. For kids who are starting to use scissors, cutting ginger bread-men can be fun. I have given a template drawing.

How to

Take paper and cut a long strip of about 5-6 inch width.

Start folding the paper back and forth till the end.

Draw the picture of the ginger-bread-man on top.

Cut along the picture, making sure that the ends of arms and feet are not cut. Otherwise it wont be a chain.

Unfold the chain and draw eyes, mouth, buttons etc.
Like this any picture (like star) can be made as a chain. This can be used to decorate birthday parties, make art works etc

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Simple and interesting Junk Art for Kids

Materials needed:

Thermocol board or cardboard
Water colours, sketch pens etc
Sand, dry twigs
colour paper, white paper
pebbles, stones, shells
used match sticks
thermocol balls
glue, fevicol, scissors

any thing that you think of that can be part of the art!

Newspapers for spreading below so that the floor is not messed up.

I have used a natural scenary so that we can put many things into the art. This involves many activities like using sand, painting, paper cutting etc. So definitely Kids will like to do. Some activities like cutting may require adult help for smaller children, elder children can practise paper cutting. Children can themselves collect most of the things from in and around the house.

How to:

Roughly draw the outline picture in your mind on the cardboard.

1. Spread glue on the areas of the picture where sand is there. Ask the kids to spread the sand over the glue. Even if they put more it does not matter. After few seconds tilt the board. The execess sand will fall off. If there are any patches without sand, repeat.

2. Cut colour papers of your choice into rectangles and squares for the house, windows and door. For the roof, make small cuts 2-3 mm apart, along the horizontal edge. Stick as 2 layers with the cuts down. This will give an effect to the roof.

3.Match sticks can be used for fence

4. Dry twigs can be stuck to create an effect of real trees. For leaves cut green colour paper. Using red sketch pens flowers and fruits can be drawn inbetween.

5. Use water colour or poster colours to paint water, sky etc.

6. Cut round sun and stick

7. Stick pebbles, stones, shells, thermocol balls etc as per your imagination. Here I have used the balls to show a path from the house.

8. Make paper boats and stick on the water area

9. Draw flying birds

10. Cut people from white paper. Draw the eyes and mouth.Stick on the sand part.
You can use paper cuttings of ginger-bread-men. How to make:

Let yours and kids imagination go wild and enjoy a holiday with your kid making this art.