Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Paper mach̩ Art РSecret Pen holder


Old Flower vase or pen holder
Plastic ball
Tissue paper roll
Corn flour – few spoons
Fevicol, Bowl & Water
Paint brushes

Acrylic paints

I had an old flower vase which looked like a penguin’s body. It was my son Abhi’s idea to make a penguin with that. Anything like a bislery water can, used cups, old pen holders etc can be given a new look with this method.
Penguin's Body

  • Mix 1 part fevicol and 2-3 parts water in a bowl.
  • Cut the newspaper sheets into long strips. Dip it in the glue-water mixture and stick it on top of the vase. Stick many strips so that one layer of paper covers the entire vase. Similarly continue and do one more layer. Press with both hands so the paper layer sticks close to the vase.
  • Now, dip a broad brush into the glue-water and brush slowly on the paper layer. Stick one by one tissue paper piece on that and complete a uniform layer. Keep aside for drying.


Take a plastic hollow ball. Cut it so that the hole exactly fits on top of the vase.
Do the newspaper and tissue layer as for the body above.

Beak & Feet

  • Tear tissue paper into small pieces and put in a bowl. Pour fevicol, little water and little corn flour. Mix thoroughly and make into dough consistency.
  • Shape the beak, feet etc (or what ever shapes you want as the item you are making).Fix the beak to the head and feet to the bottom of the body with fevicol.

Keep aside for a day to dry.Colour as per your wish with acrylic colours.
Inside the vase, kids can keep some nick-knacks of their own secretly!!!!

Enjoy ....