Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Decorated Karthigai Akal

Materials needed:

Karthigai akal (earthen lamps)


artificial jewel stones


If the lamps do not have smooth finish or varnish coat, a coat of acrylic or pearl color could be given as a base to have a better look.

I have used white and green stones as they shone better with the background. There was a thin groove in the lamp, which I filled with the glitter. Decorate the lamp that goes as per the design on the lamp. If the lamp does not have any design on it, we can use our own designs.

Light Karthigai deepam with home made designer akals.!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wall Hanging

One day my son Abhi wanted to do an art work from junk, for the school. Then we both did this cute wall piece. All the materials were available at home! The work was ready within an hour.
  • The board is the one on which normally a birthday cake is delivered from the bakery. It is quite sturdy.
  • We have used Pistachio shells for the petals and the manjadi seeds for the flower center. Instead of manjadi seeds, bright colored beads also can be used.
  • Used match sticks have become the stalks after trimming the burnt edges.
  • Some cotton has been fluffed for the clouds. That was a really good idea from Abhi.
  • We used the "Kolapodi" for the sand part. Sand could also be used instead.
  • The glitter paper border was already there and I left it as such. If not we can decorate ourselves.
There is no end to imagination and creativity!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cute and handy pouch

Materials required:

Cross-stitch material – a rectangular piece
Embroidery thread and tapestry needle
Scrap cotton material for shoulder strap
Light weight lining material
The size of the cross-stitch material can be based on the size of the pouch to be made.. .. or as my usual self, I have recycled the remaining cross-stitch material into a pouch for my use.

Do some simple cross-stitches to form a pattern. I have done double cross-stitch which looks like stars.
Cut lining cloth to the size of the cross stitch material. Keep it on the wrong side. Fold the pieces such that one side is longer than the other. Longer edge makes the flap as in the picture. Keep the lining on top. Join the sides (sewing them will make it strong) and pull inside out.
Stitch piping for the ends using a contrast color material. Make shoulder strap using the same cotton material and attach. Attach velcrove.

Cute pouches can be used as cell pouch or as an accessories kit. Gift you friend with her favourite necklace in this cute pouch.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Making Bookmarks

With little help from elders, children could make bookmarks. They can use it for themselves or it could be simple, but lovable gifts for close people like grandpa or a close friend.

See the blog for Bookmark ideas

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Making Ginger-bread-men

Paper cutting can be fun. For kids who are starting to use scissors, cutting ginger bread-men can be fun. I have given a template drawing.

How to

Take paper and cut a long strip of about 5-6 inch width.

Start folding the paper back and forth till the end.

Draw the picture of the ginger-bread-man on top.

Cut along the picture, making sure that the ends of arms and feet are not cut. Otherwise it wont be a chain.

Unfold the chain and draw eyes, mouth, buttons etc.
Like this any picture (like star) can be made as a chain. This can be used to decorate birthday parties, make art works etc

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Simple and interesting Junk Art for Kids

Materials needed:

Thermocol board or cardboard
Water colours, sketch pens etc
Sand, dry twigs
colour paper, white paper
pebbles, stones, shells
used match sticks
thermocol balls
glue, fevicol, scissors

any thing that you think of that can be part of the art!

Newspapers for spreading below so that the floor is not messed up.

I have used a natural scenary so that we can put many things into the art. This involves many activities like using sand, painting, paper cutting etc. So definitely Kids will like to do. Some activities like cutting may require adult help for smaller children, elder children can practise paper cutting. Children can themselves collect most of the things from in and around the house.

How to:

Roughly draw the outline picture in your mind on the cardboard.

1. Spread glue on the areas of the picture where sand is there. Ask the kids to spread the sand over the glue. Even if they put more it does not matter. After few seconds tilt the board. The execess sand will fall off. If there are any patches without sand, repeat.

2. Cut colour papers of your choice into rectangles and squares for the house, windows and door. For the roof, make small cuts 2-3 mm apart, along the horizontal edge. Stick as 2 layers with the cuts down. This will give an effect to the roof.

3.Match sticks can be used for fence

4. Dry twigs can be stuck to create an effect of real trees. For leaves cut green colour paper. Using red sketch pens flowers and fruits can be drawn inbetween.

5. Use water colour or poster colours to paint water, sky etc.

6. Cut round sun and stick

7. Stick pebbles, stones, shells, thermocol balls etc as per your imagination. Here I have used the balls to show a path from the house.

8. Make paper boats and stick on the water area

9. Draw flying birds

10. Cut people from white paper. Draw the eyes and mouth.Stick on the sand part.
You can use paper cuttings of ginger-bread-men. How to make:

Let yours and kids imagination go wild and enjoy a holiday with your kid making this art.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Decorated Pickle or Snacks jars/bottles

Materials needed:

Clean glass bottle or Pet jar
Glass paints
Glass liner

Here I have used the excess glass paints from another project. Instead of throwing away the small quantities of paints, it can be used to decorate bottles or jars.


With the liner draw the pictures of your choice. Let it dry for around 2 hours.
Use glass paint to fill inside the pictures. If it is difficult to do free hand drawing, trace the picture in a white sheet and keep it inside the glass. Hold it together with the bottle and draw on top of the bottle.

When the colours are filled, do one area or picture at a time. Leave it in a horizontal position with support for drying. After sometime, do the next. otherwise, the paint may start flowing down due to the cylindrical shape.

Beautiful jars are ready to keep pickle or cookies etc

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Appliqued TV cover

Materials needed:
Cotton fabric - around 2 meters.
Fabric scraps of various colors as per our design
Scraps from previous projects can be used
Cardbord pieces or old greeting cards for the templates
Flowers, sequins, lace etc


Cutting applique.

Cut the design of your choice on the card board pieces. Using these as templates, cut out the design from the fabric scraps of your choice. Leave an extra 1/4 " and cut the shapes. If required fold and press the seams for the patterns. Beginners can do a loose running stitch by hand if required. If this done the seams will be neat when attached to the fabric.

Attaching the design patterns.

The fabric for the Cover can be a new one or you can even recycle any thick material whose color is not faded.

Cut a piece of fabric with the measurements of the TV front, length and height.(Add an additional inch for the seam). Stitch the seam. Place the patterns as required and fix them with pins or little bit fevicol. Stitch over the seam with close straight stitiches by hand. If machine embroidery is there, then close zig-zag stitches can be used. This will give an outline highlighting the design also.

Attach the flowers or sequins as required. Attach the lace to the sides of the fabric for the border. The front part of the Cover is ready.

Now as shown in the diagram, measure the height and width of the TV and mark on the fabric. Cut the four pieces for the 2 sides, top and the back as required. The back piece can be short, just for support, as the back of the TV has air vents for cooling. Stitch the seam for pieces, after joining the top, sides and back pieces.

Attach the front appliqued panel to the middle part, which becomes the top of the cover. Velcrove pieces can be attached to height of the panel and the height of the sides.

Your beautiful TV cover is ready!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Shopping bag from Jeans

Things required:

Used Jeans, Lining material, cotton fabric for straps

Embroidery Thread

Round Sequins or mirror pieces



Cut material from the Leg part of the Jeans in the required width and height. As per our imagination decorate the Front and back sides. I have done embroidery using chain stitch. Join the sides and attach a base. Give lining inside.

Stitch a length of strap from the cotton fabric. Before attaching it to the bag, push in the beads. Attach a zip. Your shopping bag is ready!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A simple and easy flower arrangement

Things required:
Clay Bowl
Artificial flowers of different colours and size
Twigs of odd shape
Acrylic paint and brush


Paint the bowl with the colour of your choice. Fill it three-quater with sand. Paint the pebbles with different colours and arrange them on the sand. Paint the dry twigs with brown colour. F ix the flowers and twigs in between the pebbles. A beautiful flower arrangement for your show case or table decoration.


Instead of pebbles, the artificial clay which has become dry due to continuous use for the OT activities can be shaped and placed along with the pebbles.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Shoulder Bag from Recycled Jeans

Many times we never feel like throwing away good Jeans or pants, T-shirt etc. The material will be so good, but it would have become small in size. Dont worry, here is a way to reuse those scraps, if you have a knack for stitching.

Things required:
Used Jeans or thick Pant material
contrast colored Fabric strips for edging

Take a long rectangular piece of cloth cut from the Jeans. Length = twice the height of the bag required. Width = width of the bag

Cut strips of cloth 2" width and height of Bag. Fold the Rectangular piece and join the sides with the 2" strips. This will give a depth for the bag to put thick books etc.

Cut long strip of cloth, 4" in width, length enough for the shoulder strap. Fold length wise and join. Pull it inside out. Join the ends to the 2" sides of the bag.

Cut a piece of cloth for the overlapping flap. Stitch the floral edging. Join to the back piece of the bag. Attach velcrove to the flap and the top. Alternatively, a zip can be attached to the top. The bag is ready to use.!

I have used the pocket piece from the Jeans as such, but decorated with a floral edging.I have stitched a patch in the front flap, the picture taken from a used T-shirt!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Paper roll Flower vase

Things required:

Old news paper

Acrylic paints

glitter or chamkis

Finished Tissue paper roll

Cardboard piece and glue

Cut the paper into the required width. Roll them tightly and stick the end with glue. You can take the help of children to do the rolls. Make a number of these rolls as required.

Take one by one roll and stick it on top of the cardboard roll. This will give strength to the structure. You can also use an empty cardboard box. Once the entire Roll is covered with the paper rolls, leave it for the glue to dry.

Colour with the required acrylic colours. I have used yellow and orrange, and have painted a few green leaves to give a bamboo look. Also it can be decorated with glitters and chamkis.

Once dry, stick a base from the cardboard piece or a piece of plywood. This can be used as a flower vase or penstand.

Try and have fun with simple arts at home and with children...!!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

M-Seal Art

Things required:
Earthen Pot or flower vase
Arclyic colours
Golden paint
Painting brushes
M-seal can be bought from a hardware shop. You have to mix the two parts into one. Recently mixed m-seal is available which can be used directly.
I have painted the vase with a coat of black. Keep aside for the paint to dry.
From the M-seal, make small balls and press with your fingers to form the petals . Arrange in the shape of flowers. Similarly make leaf shapes and long strings for the stems. Arrange as required on the pot. No need of glue, as m-seal sticks to the pot. Keep aside 1 or 2 hrs for drying.
Once it is dried, give colours for flowers leaves etc. I have given golden colour to create an antique look.
These type of art work are very simple and comes out beautifully. Children can be involved in these type of creative projects.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Beautiful Wall Piece of Lord Krishna

I am always fascinated by the pictures of Lord Krisha as small child. This particular poster I had bought it quite some time back. The picture is so fascinating, in the sense that if you look at it from any angle, you feel Krishna's eyes are looking at you. Also the divine look in the face s very attractive.

If I keep it as just a poster, it may get damaged or torn.

So I changed it into a wall hanging, and it is decorating my front hall. I have decorated Krishna's ornaments with stones and golden chamkis. White stones are used for the pearls in the picture, which adds shine. For the Zari's of the dress, curtains etc I used golden glitter , which is normally used for crafts.

Once done I chose to frame it with a good quality frame, so that it lasts longer.
You can see more pictures of Lord Krishna at

Friday, June 29, 2007


Everyone should atleast have one hobby. Hobby refreshes the mind and recharges you. Anything other than what you do for your daily bread and living. Some hobbies cost you money, whereas some others can be effective. Interestingly, these days, many get opportunities to convert their hobby into a business.

I will try to put down whatever activities (I dare not call it art & craft!), which I do in the bits and pieces of time I get. Since I am restricted to travel long distance to shop, my work uses things that are readily available in near by shops and maximises the usage of already available materials. But the outcome gives a happiness and real energizer to me.

One of my favourite past time is crocheting. Mostly simple ones. The advantage of crocheting is that it is a mobile art, which can be taken anywhere along with you. So you can do crocheting when are waiting at the doctors clinic, on travel etc. Recently I read somewhere that Psychologist are advising crocheting and knitting as stress releiver and to improve concentration!