Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sewing project - needle case

I needed a handy case for my crochet needles, small scissors etc when I take the craft bag while going out. Then why not make one which satisfies my requirements. It requires sewing knowledge.
Materials needed
Scrap cotton fabrics (contrast colours)

Design the pockets inside depending on what thing need to be kept. For crochet needle, stitch long pockets. For scissors or thread rolls wider pockets can be stitched.
Piping given with contrast coloured material enhances the look of the pouch.(see the pictures)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Painted Sofa Back

Make beautiful sofa backs by youself and decorate proudly in your living room!
Plain colour cotton Fabric
Lining material
Acrylic colours
Lace edging of matching color
1. Plain water wash, dry and iron the cotton and lining fabrics. Cut the fabric into required shape and size. If your fabric is thick then lining may not be required. Otherwise, stitching the lining may be necessary.
2. Choose a design of your choice. Trace the design onto the fabric using yellow carbon paper.
3. Using black colour draw the outline of the design.
4. Fill in the appropriate colours for the design. Dry it for a day and iron press the back side.
5. Stitch the lining if required and the Lace edging.
Take pride in decorating your home with your hand made creations.