Thursday, September 24, 2009

Easy painting for kids

Vaccation is there and you need thousands of activities, ( that too new novel ideas) to keep our kids engaged thru the days. Anything is better than watching TV and computer games.

Here is one idea. Instead of just painting in pieces of paper and thowing it off, do a master piece they will be proud to display in their rooms..

Materials needed

Thermocol sheet - You can buy from craft shops. Some times I keep the flat ones that come with packing of electric/electronic items

Acrylic paints - colours of your choice
sketch pens

How to

Using sketch pens draw the outline of the picture they want to paint. Bigger kids can draw their own designs. Pencils wont work on thermocol sheets, so you have to use sketches pens etc whose nib is soft. Now use the acrylic colours to colour the picture. Use broad brushes to fill bigger areas. Fill thoroughly so that white thermocol spots are not seen inside the picture colored.
Enjoy vaccation with kids as well as decorate our homes.
No Limits for creativity

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cover for Kitchen Appliances

Here are some snap shots to give an idea of recycling.

Who will not like to keep the Kitchen appliances spic n span. Keep the appliances clean by making a cover for it. You can always recycle bits and pieces of cloth. Only thing to ensure is to use same thickness cloth bits for a single project. That will give more life to it.

Cut the pieces as required for the shape of the appliance you want to cover and then sew the edges.

I have used pieces of curtain cloths. In the cover for the coffee maker I have painted the coffee cups using acrylic colours. For the electric cooker, the cloth was plain, so I have done simple embroidery patterns.

Great way to beautify your kitchen also!.