Friday, June 29, 2007


Everyone should atleast have one hobby. Hobby refreshes the mind and recharges you. Anything other than what you do for your daily bread and living. Some hobbies cost you money, whereas some others can be effective. Interestingly, these days, many get opportunities to convert their hobby into a business.

I will try to put down whatever activities (I dare not call it art & craft!), which I do in the bits and pieces of time I get. Since I am restricted to travel long distance to shop, my work uses things that are readily available in near by shops and maximises the usage of already available materials. But the outcome gives a happiness and real energizer to me.

One of my favourite past time is crocheting. Mostly simple ones. The advantage of crocheting is that it is a mobile art, which can be taken anywhere along with you. So you can do crocheting when are waiting at the doctors clinic, on travel etc. Recently I read somewhere that Psychologist are advising crocheting and knitting as stress releiver and to improve concentration!