Sunday, December 7, 2008

M-seal art

Materials needed
Pot – shape an be your choice
Acrylic paints
Paint brushes


Wash the pot and dry it. Give a coating of any dark shade.
Mix the m-seal. Use little bit of talcum powder so that it does not stick to fingers.
If required draw a light sketch of the design you want to create on the pot.
Take small rounds of the mix and shape it like leaves and petals and fix it on the pot. It will stick directly on the surface. If not use little bit of fevicol.

For the stem, roll out the m-seal into long strings and arrange. Keep aside for 2-3 hrs for drying. Once dry, give the colors of your choice.

This can be done by children also. They will really enjoy doing the m-seal petals and strings. Even other shapes can be formed and used to decorate their boxes or shelves etc.

Other m-seal art :
There is no limit for creativity