Thursday, November 24, 2016

Beautiful Cushion cover.

Its almost an year since I blogged. But dont think that I have stopped doing craft. How can I stop my addiction.!! Creativity is a continuous thought process. Once your mind and eyes soon get trained for that; then there is unlimited creativity everywhere.!

Recently I have been into stitching my own salwars and kurtis. That leaves me with bag full of scraps and bits of cloth. There was also a portion of silk saree which I did not want to throw off. I know, this habit sometimes fills up the junk bag.

So here is upcycling (let me use that trendy word!) the scraps into cushion covers. I have used the cream silk piece as the base. So I have given a cotton lining to give strength for the final product. All materials used are scrap pieces.

The elephant pattern is cut from a contrast colour fabric and pasted using fabric glue. The outline was given using black fabric paint.
Scrap pieces used

Cushion cover front
Cushion cover backside opening to insert the cushion.

Enjoy every day with unlimited creativity.!