Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Another Patch work

Have bits and pieces of fabric. Create a new Patch work Cushion cover.
Materials needed
Scraps of fabric
½ m Plain fabric for back
Knowledge of sewing
Method - Front
Cut the pieces of fabric into squares of 31/2 inch squares. Arrange and see how the patterns will look good. If the fabric are of contrast shades/designs it will look better. Have few plain squares in between. Cut as many squares as required. I have made a 4X4 square.
Stitch the squares as arranged. To get the required size of the cushion I have added another straight piece of fabric from 2 contrast designs.
Method - Attaching the back with overlap
Cut the backing fabric into two.One should have length more than the other. The extra length should be kept as the overlap. The total length and width should be as required for the cushion plus the seam allowance.
Attach the front panel to the backing material with overlap. Attach velcrove or buttons ont the overlap.
Cushion cover for your favourite cushion is ready!