Thursday, September 27, 2007

Decorated Pickle or Snacks jars/bottles

Materials needed:

Clean glass bottle or Pet jar
Glass paints
Glass liner

Here I have used the excess glass paints from another project. Instead of throwing away the small quantities of paints, it can be used to decorate bottles or jars.


With the liner draw the pictures of your choice. Let it dry for around 2 hours.
Use glass paint to fill inside the pictures. If it is difficult to do free hand drawing, trace the picture in a white sheet and keep it inside the glass. Hold it together with the bottle and draw on top of the bottle.

When the colours are filled, do one area or picture at a time. Leave it in a horizontal position with support for drying. After sometime, do the next. otherwise, the paint may start flowing down due to the cylindrical shape.

Beautiful jars are ready to keep pickle or cookies etc

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Appliqued TV cover

Materials needed:
Cotton fabric - around 2 meters.
Fabric scraps of various colors as per our design
Scraps from previous projects can be used
Cardbord pieces or old greeting cards for the templates
Flowers, sequins, lace etc


Cutting applique.

Cut the design of your choice on the card board pieces. Using these as templates, cut out the design from the fabric scraps of your choice. Leave an extra 1/4 " and cut the shapes. If required fold and press the seams for the patterns. Beginners can do a loose running stitch by hand if required. If this done the seams will be neat when attached to the fabric.

Attaching the design patterns.

The fabric for the Cover can be a new one or you can even recycle any thick material whose color is not faded.

Cut a piece of fabric with the measurements of the TV front, length and height.(Add an additional inch for the seam). Stitch the seam. Place the patterns as required and fix them with pins or little bit fevicol. Stitch over the seam with close straight stitiches by hand. If machine embroidery is there, then close zig-zag stitches can be used. This will give an outline highlighting the design also.

Attach the flowers or sequins as required. Attach the lace to the sides of the fabric for the border. The front part of the Cover is ready.

Now as shown in the diagram, measure the height and width of the TV and mark on the fabric. Cut the four pieces for the 2 sides, top and the back as required. The back piece can be short, just for support, as the back of the TV has air vents for cooling. Stitch the seam for pieces, after joining the top, sides and back pieces.

Attach the front appliqued panel to the middle part, which becomes the top of the cover. Velcrove pieces can be attached to height of the panel and the height of the sides.

Your beautiful TV cover is ready!