Thursday, January 24, 2008

Appliqued pillow case


Plain Cotton Fabric
Fabric for the remaining part of the pillow case
Fabric scraps
Fabric colours

Have a design drawn on a paper. Choose appropriate fabric scraps and cut them into the required shapes.

Draw the picture onto the plain fabric. Using fevicol spotting position the shapes on the fabric. Stitch the sides. It will be easy if zig-zag machine stitch is done, otherwise it has to be done by hand using stitches like button hole stitch.

I have used appliqu├ęs for the main portions and have painted the leaves, grass, flower stalk etc using fabric colours.

Once completed, press on the reverse. Attach this as the front panel for the pillow case.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hand Embroidered Cushion cover

Materials needed

Cross stitch fabric
Fabric for backing
Lining Material
Embroidery Floss & tapestry needle


Cut the cross stitch fabric to the size of the cushion for the front. Have an extra 2” seam allowance. Do simple patterns using common embroidery stitches like satin stitch, laisy daisy stitch, button hole stitch, chain stitch etc.

Once done, stitch the lining fabric for the front. This will protect the embroidery. For the back lining is optional. Attach the back piece from cotton fabric, with an overlap. Attach Velcro between the overlaps.

Other Ideas!

Crocheted flowers, satin flowers, laces etc can also be attached for decorations.