Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wall Hanging

One day my son Abhi wanted to do an art work from junk, for the school. Then we both did this cute wall piece. All the materials were available at home! The work was ready within an hour.
  • The board is the one on which normally a birthday cake is delivered from the bakery. It is quite sturdy.
  • We have used Pistachio shells for the petals and the manjadi seeds for the flower center. Instead of manjadi seeds, bright colored beads also can be used.
  • Used match sticks have become the stalks after trimming the burnt edges.
  • Some cotton has been fluffed for the clouds. That was a really good idea from Abhi.
  • We used the "Kolapodi" for the sand part. Sand could also be used instead.
  • The glitter paper border was already there and I left it as such. If not we can decorate ourselves.
There is no end to imagination and creativity!

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