Thursday, September 27, 2007

Decorated Pickle or Snacks jars/bottles

Materials needed:

Clean glass bottle or Pet jar
Glass paints
Glass liner

Here I have used the excess glass paints from another project. Instead of throwing away the small quantities of paints, it can be used to decorate bottles or jars.


With the liner draw the pictures of your choice. Let it dry for around 2 hours.
Use glass paint to fill inside the pictures. If it is difficult to do free hand drawing, trace the picture in a white sheet and keep it inside the glass. Hold it together with the bottle and draw on top of the bottle.

When the colours are filled, do one area or picture at a time. Leave it in a horizontal position with support for drying. After sometime, do the next. otherwise, the paint may start flowing down due to the cylindrical shape.

Beautiful jars are ready to keep pickle or cookies etc

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