Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Beautiful Wall Piece of Lord Krishna

I am always fascinated by the pictures of Lord Krisha as small child. This particular poster I had bought it quite some time back. The picture is so fascinating, in the sense that if you look at it from any angle, you feel Krishna's eyes are looking at you. Also the divine look in the face s very attractive.

If I keep it as just a poster, it may get damaged or torn.

So I changed it into a wall hanging, and it is decorating my front hall. I have decorated Krishna's ornaments with stones and golden chamkis. White stones are used for the pearls in the picture, which adds shine. For the Zari's of the dress, curtains etc I used golden glitter , which is normally used for crafts.

Once done I chose to frame it with a good quality frame, so that it lasts longer.
You can see more pictures of Lord Krishna at

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